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frequently asked questions

Q005: Why does my City Daily Photo blog not appear on the map?

There are three possible reasons why a City Daily Photo blog might not appear on the map.

  • (1) If you have not registered for the map your blog will not appear. To register click on the join menu item and follow the directions.
  • (2) Only those blogs which have posted in the last 24 hours will appear on the map when it is first loaded. Readers have the option of selecting a longer time frame and reloading the map.
  • (3) In a few cases the map software may have problems scanning a syndication feed. These problems will be resolved as quickly as possible.

A010: Do I need seperate login ids for the Daily Photo Map and City Daily Photo (CDPB) portal?

Yes, seperate login ids are needed. Please click on the join menu item and follow the steps to register.

A020: How do I place a map icon and link in my sidebar?

Link HTML is provided at the following page Participant link to the map and agreement to Terms of Service. The HTML includes an img tag for the map icon, a link to the map, and a hidden agreement to the DailyPhotoMap terms of service.

A030: How do I place a map icon and link HTML in a blogger page element?

Following are the steps involved:

  • (1) In your browser go to the link html page on the daily photo map
  • (2) Copy the html provided
  • (3) Login to your blogger dashboard
  • (4) click on layout
  • (5) click on add page element in your sidebar
  • (6) click add to blog button under html/javascript section
  • (7) copy into the contents
  • (8) give your page element a name such as Daily Photo Map
  • (9) click save changes
  • (10) drag and drop the page element to the position you want
  • (11) click save

A040: How do I change my website details after registering?

Following are the steps involved:

  • (1) login to the map
  • (2) click on the + link for additional controls and features
  • (3) select participants > websites
  • (4) click on details
  • (5) make the change
  • (6) click on update

You may have to close and re-open your browser to see the effect in the map.

Please check the FAQ answers before you send a question.

Until a contact form is created you may email your questions.