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If a 3D wall of photos does not appear then please try again later. Or better yet, download the cooliris browser add-on. The add-on is not cross domain dependent, it is very fast, full screen, and very impressive.

Cooliris 3D wall of photos

This page is dependent on cross domain access to cooliris. Hopefully you see a 3D wall of photos. If not please send an email and let me know.

The wall of photos shown is from participants in the Daily Photo Map. Photos from the last 24 hours appear with the most recent photos on the left ... Click on join, if you wish to participate.

Several options exist to navigate through the wall. Use your mouse to move the wall, click on photos, and/or use the arrows.

Location, blogger, and title are shown on the bottom of each image. Most importantly an arrow, on the top right of each image, allows your to click through to the publishing site. Please visit sites you like and leave a comment.

PS: Download the cooliris browser add-on and really be impressed.