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Selection by community is supported on the map. The goal is to support numerous daily photo blog communities and to give users the ability to define sub-communities.

Following are the communities currently available:

  • A Days Drive (ADD) - shares photos taken on day trips
  • City Daily Photo Blog (CDPB) - shares photos about the city each blogger is from.
  • Regional Daily Photos (RDP) - shares photos taken on day trips

Participants are allowed to register themselves as part of multiple communities. Where possible the map software will make an attempt to validate that association. However, the ultimate responsibility for accurate community association lies with the participate. The participant agrees to follow the commitments from each individual community.

Until these features are fully developed please send an email requesting a new community if you are interested. Communities should be focused on a subject or category of photography. Members should post photos primarly about the location they are found on the map.