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Welcome to the Daily Photo Map

We hope you enjoy the new photos shared daily by participating bloggers from around the world. Please be sure and click on the images you enjoy, read the description the blogger has provided, and leave a comment. They really appreciate your comments.

Purpose of this website

The Daily Photo Map was created to showcase daily photo bloggers from around the world. Through the map and other enabling tools the traffic to individual photo blog sites will be increased. Through increased awareness of where each photo blog is posted from, a greater understanding and appreciation will be achieved for the phenomenon of Daily Photo Blogging.

The Daily Photo Map will expand the reach to multiple blogging communities while allowing virtual communities and sub-groups to be created by visitors to the Daily Photo Map. Sharing the experience of daily photo blogging leads to an appreciation of the Global Daily Photo family.

Technical Credit: This website was created by Denton Harryman.

Photographic Credit: The photos shown here have been captured by photo bloggers from around the world. Their professions, ages, and cultures are varied. While they share a passion for sharing positive images of where they live, what they see, and what they experience.

Please note that this software is beta at present. If you run into problems please send and email to Denton such that the problems can be resolved.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you will comeback often to see what is new from around the world.